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Performance Objectives & Training Software
Performance Objectives & Training Software

HR Pro - Making sure your people are all marching in the same direction

What is HR Pro?

HR Pro is a web-based solution for the Human Resources department that allows management to set and manage employee objectives to core business objectives, tracks and manages training plans and requirements, manages employee evaluations, and maintains a complete record of job requirements and personal development plans.

Why use HR Pro?

One of the most difficult challenges facing companies today is aligning employee objectives with corporate objectives. HR Pro was designed to meet this challenge and it also provides tools to assist in training needs assessments and training program evaluations, employee evaluation, and employee or customer satisfaction surveys. By deploying HR Pro, you will be able to coordinate and manage your human resources much more effectively.

Key Features

Personal Development Plans

  • Employees are assigned goals and qualifiers that match corporate and/or department objectives.
  • Personal Power Tracker manages key trigger points in each employees goals.
  • Integrates with BOSS to provide data back to business managers to monitor key goals.

Employee Evaluations

  • The user can assign a variety of different job requirements to an Employee.
  • Allows the user to evaluate the Employee Status for a particular job position.
  • You can assign different actions for an employee, according to his job requirements.
  • Assists the user in formulating Competency Improvement actions for a particular Employee.

Employee Database

The Employee Database allows you to enter all employee details in addition to adding new employees. This feature saves employee information such as Employee name, address, and e-mail address. The user can also enter HR-Specific Details for a particular Employee.

Organization Chart Builder

  • Allows the user to create new positions at any level of the organizational structure.
  • Assigns the new user to report to another position.
  • Facilitates Multi-level reporting.

Training Needs - Identification and Consolidation

  • Tracks the need for training from three sources:
    • The Personal Development Plan (Employee Evaluation)
    • Top management or Department Head (Planned)
    • Training Centers calling for training (Unplanned)
  • Tracks important details of training classes, including subject, date, number of attendees, source of training, completion status, calendar, and costs.
  • Identifies the training needs of new employees and those generated by employee transfers.

Training Evaluation and Analysis

  • HR Pro operates with the understanding that there should be more than one type of evaluation for a single course. Omnex Systems allows courses to be evaluated before and after their completion.
  • Qualified HR employees can enter evaluations on-site through live Internet connection
  • Bar graphs display data results for ease of interpretation

Training Program Evaluation

  • You can conduct training evaluations By Questions and/or By Comments
  • The software will allow authorized users to enter or modify the data for training survey evaluations.

Training Requests and Scheduling

  • The user can create training requests, and assign participants.
  • Choose the entity and the software allows you to choose employees from a list, specific to that entity!
  • HR Pro prompts you when there is duplication in the names, training chosen, etc.
  • With the click of a button, you can consolidate training requests, based on requirements, and new training.
  • The user modifies the existing consolidation, by adding or removing the training requests, participants, or consolidation details.
  • Facility for training can be identified as Internal, External or Internal Using External Faculty.
  • The faculty can be chosen from a populated list if the training source is internal.
  • Color-coding systems available for a particular training detail identified in the training calendar.
  • Training calendar provides a view into the scheduled training

Satisfaction surveys

Create customized questionnaires:

Employee satisfaction survey

Lists the records scheduled for the employee satisfaction survey.

  • The By Questions link allows the user to enter data if the survey is conducted offline.
  • The By Comments link allows the user to enter new comments or modify the existing comments.

Customer satisfaction survey

Lists the records scheduled for the Customer satisfaction survey.

  • The By Questions link allows the user to enter data if the survey is conducted offline.
  • The By Comments link allows the user to enter new comments, or modify the existing comments. This can be grouped for future evaluation.


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