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Product Realization (APQP) Software
Product Realization (APQP) Software

AQuA Pro - The Most Advanced Tool for New Product Launches

What is AQuA Pro?

This is the software that started it all. In the mid 1980s AQuA Pro became the very first Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) software package, and a bestseller for Omnex Systems. AQuA Pro is an integrated, web-based database management and problem-solving system that creates, maintains, analyzes and organizes your APQP, PPAP, and other product realization documentation to assist you in continually improving your product design and manufacturing processes at the global, regional, site, department and even individual levels to help improve product quality and reduce your development cycles.

Why use AQuA Pro?

AQuA Pro defines and documents the product development process from the design phase to manufacturing and ultimately to continuous improvement:

  • Standardizes your APQP processes and documentation in all of your plants to allow for consistent processes and accurate process/product analysis.
  • Connects the Design FMEA to the Process FMEA so that failure mode effects from the design can be incorporated into the manufacturing process and controlled effectively.
  • Automated "three click" APQP document creation builds FMEAs and Control Plans in minutes, not hours.
  • Data linkages ensure that changes made to a control plan or FMEA automatically update all related APQP documents.
  • Engineering changes made to the specifications of a product family will automatically update the Process FMEAs, Control Plans, and Check Sheets of all of the parts that are within that product family.
  • Builds PPAP templates for each customer to meet unique document requirements.
  • Fully supports the eAPQP initiative of the automotive OEM community.

Key Features


View your documents real-time from any location with an Internet connection. Maintain only one database for the entire enterprise.

Automated Document Updates

Make a change in one document, e.g. Process Flow, PFMEA, Control Plan, and AQuA Pro changes related documents automatically.

Automated APQP Document Creation

Build parts or processes with three simple clicks of the mouse. You no longer have to waste hours of time doing repetitious data entry.

Custom Document Formats

Build custom templates for your APQP and PPAP documents to meet your customer requirements.

Electronic PPAP Document Submissions

Submit or receive any of the PPAP documents to/from your customer with a click of your mouse.

Dynamic Control Plans

Combine PFMEA and Control plan information into one document for ease of reference by production personnel.

Import Excel Documents

Use our utility to import any of your existing PFMEA or Control Plan documents into the AQuA Pro system to reduce costly data conversion issues.

Visual Aids - Imbedded Graphics

Include graphics in Control Plans and Check Sheets for easy reference on the shop floor.

Custom Views

AQuA Pro allows you to create, modify, and customize the views of your documents so your users and customers only see what they need to see.

Company-wide Integration

AQuA Pro is designed to integrate with other systems that you might already have in place, including:

  • Legacy Systems - AQuA Pro can import data from a wide variety of applications, including most ERP, PLM, word processor documents and spreadsheets.
  • Data managed by other EwQMS Modules is automatically available to AQuA Pro.

User Defined Columns

Customize data collection to compensate for changing TS requirements. Customize data fields in your DFMEA, PFMEA, or Control Plans, to gather information important to you and your customers.

Administration / Security

The AQuA Pro module administrator can set individual or group user rights as No Access, View Only Access, or Complete Edit Access for each document, a group of documents, or to all documents.


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