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Overview of Consulting Solutions

Overview of Consulting Solutions

Omnex India - Overview of Consulting Solutions


Over our 30+ year history, Omnex has helped many leading Fortune 500 companies dramatically improve their business operations, reach certification, and improve their global supply chains. We have participated in writing some of the key standards that have shaped worldwide quality, and we have served as a key instrument for supplier rollouts to large multinational companies.

Consultants with Real World Experience

Our consultants have an average of 25 years of operational experience in the manufacturing and service sectors. We have exceptionally experienced service, operations, technical and general managers on our team who will lend real-world expertise to help you reach your desired goals, so the solutions we help you implement will work in your environment, not only in some text book. Our consultants are not just hands-on practitioners; they are thought of as leaders in the industry. For example, they are:

  • Judges of key quality awards
  • Authors of various semiconductor and automotive standards
  • Fellows in ASQ and members of the Malcolm Baldrige Board of Examiners
  • Keynote speakers at major worldwide quality events
  • Authors of popular books on management systems and continual improvement methodologies

Global Presence

With offices around the globe, Omnex can provide you consistent, reliable services, delivered anywhere that your organization or suppliers are around the world, all under one project leader and utilizing our local resources who are experts in the local culture and language.

Business at the Cutting Edge

At Omnex, our business is knowing the management systems, methodologies, technologies and standards that are constantly changing in your business. The last few years have seen major changes and additions to the methodologies we support. We stay on top of these changes so you don't have to. With our global presence, we have the ability to bring to you the latest innovations from around the world. If a good idea happens, shouldn't you know about it right away?

Helping Businesses Work at Their Full Potential

Omnex is used to leading the way in management systems implementation. From the beginning, Omnex has shown our clients that the real reason behind quality standards implementation is not a certificate, but a lean, confident, sustainable and robust organization. You achieve success by recognizing the importance of quality, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction. We can help you structure your management systems to do just that.

Integrated Approach

In the real world, implementing a business system cannot be done in a vacuum. One of the main challenges companies face is avoiding duplicate efforts without sacrificing the effectiveness of other systems. For instance, one company in China discovered that they could increase productivity by removing the guards from their stamping equipment, however that resulted in serious safety issues: workers began to lose fingers. Omnex consultants have been successfully integrating business systems for our customers for years, and with their broad range of experience, you can be confident that you will optimize all your particular goals in one system, without hindering goals in other areas.

The Omnex Integrated Performance Management Model is a systematic approach to performance management focusing on six fundamental management initiatives:

  1. Management Systems
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Design Excellence
  4. Operational Excellence
  5. Business Excellence
  6. Knowledge Management

Information on implementing this unique model is available from Omnex upon request.

The Omnex Business Excellence Model

Working With You

We work side-by-side with you to evaluate needs and recognize opportunities for improvement. Using our proven process, we first develop an understanding of your organization, then conduct an assessment, and then work with key people in your organization to ensure that improvements are permanent. At Omnex, we know that the improvements have to be permanent in order to positively and significantly improve your bottom line, or they add no value.

Omnex - Doing What We Say

Omnex is an ISO 9000-certified QMS company. This registration reflects Omnex's mission to run our company as we teach our clients to run theirs. While we are, of course, delighted to receive this recognition, this was never an effort just to become certified. Our goal, as always, is to have a management system enabling us to consistently deliver services at a level of excellence which distinguishes us from our competition.


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