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Mistake Proofing, TPM and SMED

Workshop 2: Mistake Proofing, TPM and SMED (5-days)

Lean/Six Sigma Workshop Series C 1 2 3 4 5

This workshop will provide an overview of the history, philosophy, benefits and practices of mistake proofing. Participants will learn how to use mistake proofing to anticipate and prevent defects through the identification and removal of human mistakes. Participants will also learn how to design and develop product and process controls to achieve zero defects so they do not reach the customer. Assignments and team exercises will provide the opportunity to practice the design and development of mistake proofing systems.

This workshop will also discuss the strategy and goals of traditional maintenance and how TPM innovative approach can be used to improve equipment performance. Attendees will learn the TPM strategy to manage equipment maintenance so equipment does not cause downtime or quality problems.

The workshop will also provide the opportunity to learn and practice the Single-Minute-Exchange-Dies (SMED) methodology for achieving quick changeovers. SMED is a methodology that was created by Shigeo Shingo in the Toyota press room to reduce the time needed to setup and changeover the huge stamping presses. The goal is first to reduce setup times by 50% and ultimately to less than 10 minutes.

The goals are to:

  • To develop the knowledge and ability to implement mistake proofing devices
  • To develop the knowledge to lead project teams to plan and implement a system of Total Productive Maintenance
  • To develop the ability to lead project teams to achieve quick changeovers through the application of SMED methodology

Lean/Six Sigma Workshop Series C 1 2 3 4 5

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