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Breakaway Lean Achieving Continuous Flow

Breakaway Lean Achieving Continuous Flow - Cellular Manufacturing & Assembly

Workshop Content

This five-day workshop develops knowledge and skills for implementing continuous flow in manufacturing and assembly processes. Participants will learn: how to conduct work element analysis, how to calculate takt times, how to create operator balance charts, how to evaluate and improve equipment layout and material presentation; and, how to plan and implement standard work methods to reduce the labor, material and facilities costs in manufacturing and assembly operations.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for Lean Senseis responsible for planning, organizing and managing continuous improvement of manufacturing and assembly processes. This training is team-based training. Each team could include the Champion plus up to four Lean Sensei Candidates. A maximum of three teams is allowed per session.


Some experience implementing Lean techniques is helpful but not required.

Workshop Materials

Each participant will receive a manual with all workshop materials included.

Workshop Goals

This workshop is intended to develop knowledge of the philosophy, process and tools of continuous flow processing. This workshop also provides participants with the opportunity to practice the application of continuous flow processing in a live manufacturing or assembly process. This workshop also helps participants to identify and quantify the cost savings from continuous flow processing projects.

Workshop Outline

Day 1:

  • Review single piece flow
  • Continuous Flow
  • Choose product family/ study production
  • Paper Kaizen
  • Work Elements Worksheet
  • Operator Balance
  • Cell Layout
  • Calculate Takt Time
  • Effective Cycle Times

Day 2:

  • Cell Design
  • Layout new cell design
  • Re-arrange line

Day 3:

  • Run Line w/ containment
  • Waste analysis
  • Observe line
  • Make adjustments

Day 4:

  • Standardize work

Day 5:

  • Complete business case/story board
  • Re-PPAP

Workshop Sequence: LEANCON

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