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Excelerated Six Sigma Quality

Excelerated Six Sigma Quality

Omnex offers a standard set of Excelerated Six Sigma training and consulting services that we can deliver at your plant or office location to minimize your training costs.

We can also customize our training and consulting services to meet your individual needs. The costs of our Excelerated Six Sigma training and consulting services is very competitive.

Omnex offers a standard set of Six Sigma training and consulting services. The costs of our Six Sigma training and consulting services is very competitive.

Today's Challenge

Customers are demanding price reductions, better quality, and ever-shorter delivery lead-times. In these very difficult economic times customers are not only requiring you to get better, faster and cheaper right away, they are expecting that you will make significant improvements in these areas consistently, year after year. Suppliers will fail or be swallowed up unless they can focus on how to increase quality and reduce costs quickly. To do this, you need a method for achieving these improvements throughout your company on a rapid, systemic and continuous basis.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma was a term created by Motorola to describe the goal and process used to achieve breakthrough levels of quality improvement. Sigma is the Greek symbol used by statisticians to refer to standard deviation. The term Six Sigma refers to a measure of process variation (six standard deviations) that translates into an error/defect rate of 3.4 parts per million.

Motorola, General Electric, Allied Signal and others have reported billions of dollars of savings per year through the implementation of Six Sigma.

To achieve quality performance measured in parts per million requires a special set of quality improvement methodologies and statistical tools. These methods and tools are taught to a small group of workers known as Six Sigma Black Belts who are assigned full-time responsibility to define, measure, analyze, improve and control process quality. The Black Belts lead cross-functional teams of employees (individually known as Six Sigma Green Belts) to achieve breakthrough levels of process quality.

Six Sigma Champions are the leaders of the Six Sigma improvement process. Champions make certain that the quality improvement projects are focused on those processes that will most impact the long term growth and success of the company. The Six Sigma Champions also facilitate the improvement process by removing the organizational roadblocks encountered by the improvement teams.

Excelerated Six Sigma Management Systems

Omnex will work with your management team to aid in planning, organizing and launching your Six Sigma improvement organization. We can help you select and develop Six Sigma Champions, Black Belts and Green Belts for your organization. We can also provide an onsite Master Black Belt to help you get your Six Sigma program off the ground. Our Master Black Belts will train, develop and organize your Six Sigma improvement projects during the initial launch phase (first 6 to 12 months) of your Six Sigma journey.

Six Sigma Project Consulting

We can also provide highly qualified Black Belts to work on-site on your Six Sigma projects. Our Black Belts can assist you by providing technical expertise, project management services and training and coaching services in the application of Six Sigma process and technology.

Customized Excelerated Six Sigma Training and Consulting

In addition to our standard Excelerated Six Sigma certification programs, we also offer our clients the opportunity to customize the content and structure of our Excelerated Six Sigma training and consulting services. We believe that Six Sigma Quality can best be understood through hands-on experience in the application of the theory and practices of Six Sigma to real-world quality improvement opportunities; therefore, we use a workshop approach to the instruction for our Excelerated Six Sigma clients. We can develop customized education, training and consulting services in the following subjects:

  1. DMAIC Process
  2. Project Leadership
    1. Project Management
    2. Team Leadership
  3. Process Mapping
  4. Kano Analysis
  5. Pareto Analysis
  6. Critical to Quality Analysis (CTQ)
  7. Critical to Delivery Analysis (CTD)
  8. Critical to Cost Analysis (CTC)
  9. Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  10. Measurement Systems Analysis
  11. Process Capability Analysis
    1. Sigma Levels
    2. CPk
    3. Cp
    4. Yield
  12. Gage Capability Analysis
  13. Process Control Chart Development and Analysis
    1. Variables Charting
    2. Attribute Charting
  14. Design of Experiments - Planning and Analysis
    1. One-factor designs
    2. Factorial designs
    3. Fractional-factorial designs
    4. Optimization designs
  15. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  16. Control Planning
  17. Mistake-proofing
  18. Continual Process Improvement
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