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Omnex Customized Training and Consulting Services for Excelerated Six Sigma Quality

Omnex announces joint AIAG/Omnex Lean and Six Sigma training in Southfield, Michigan!

In addition to our standard Six Sigma certification programs we also offer our clients the opportunity to customize the content and structure of our Excelerated Six Sigma training and consulting services. We believe that Six Sigma can best be understood through hands-on experience in the application of the theory and practices of Six Sigma to real-world quality improvement opportunities; therefore, we utilize the workshop method of instruction to provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences for our Six Sigma clients.

We will work with your company leaders to develop customized workshop materials that provide your in-house personnel with expertise in the Six Sigma methods that meet your most urgent needs. We can develop customized education, training and consulting services in the following subjects:

  1. DMAIC Process.
  2. Project Leadership
    1. Project Management
    2. Team Leadership
  3. Process Mapping.
  4. Kano Analysis.
  5. Pareto Analysis.
  6. Critical to Quality Analysis (CTQ).
  7. Critical to Delivery Analysis (CTD).
  8. Critical to Cost Analysis (CTC).
  9. Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA).
  10. Measurement Systems Analysis.
  11. Process Capability Analysis:
    1. Sigma Levels
    2. CPk
    3. Cp
    4. Yield
  12. Gage Capability Analysis.
  13. Process Control Chart Development and Analysis:a. Variables Charting
    b. Attribute Charting
  14. Design of Experiments - Planning and Analysis
    1. One-factor designs
    2. Factorial designs
    3. Fractional-factorial designs
    4. Optimization designs
  15. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  16. Control Planning
  17. Mistake-proofing
  18. Continual Process Improvement
To find out more about Omnex's workshops and consulting services in Breakaway Lean�, Excelerated Six Sigma� or Unified Lean/Six Sigma� please contact:

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