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Six Sigma Champion Training

Unified Lean/Six Sigma Champion Training

Seminar Content

This three-day seminar develops the knowledge and skills for planning and leading your companys journey to Lean Six Sigma Productivity and Quality and mentoring Black Belts. This seminar begins with an understanding of the drivers for Lean Six Sigma implementations and the strategy required for success. The focus of this seminar is the management of the transformation, and will emphasize subjects such as team selection, goal setting and team management. The concept and practice of Value Stream Mapping is introduced to define and measure the opportunities for process improvement, and serves as the driving force behind managing the project. Seminar participants will learn how to set up and define their projects with measurable objectives and timelines, and then they will be introduced to the Lean tools and their application as elements of the project. Participants will gain experience by analyzing and documenting the current state of an interactive class model. They will then create future state value stream maps. Throughout the course of the seminar, participants will produce project plans for implementation and achieving improvements. Project Team Leaders will also create product, process and project scorecards to link each improvement project to bottom-line results.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for those responsible for leading Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. Also, persons who have responsibility for material or information flow throughout their facility will find this seminar informative.



Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a manual with all course materials.

Seminar Goals

This seminar will develop your understanding of the Lean Six Sigma improvement philosophy, process and tools. This seminar will further develop your knowledge and skills for Project Management and achieving results. You will understand how to identify and support Black Belt candidates as they progress through their projects and how to monitor Black Belts performance, project progress, and remove barriers to successful completion of projects.

Seminar Outline

  • Understanding the Lean and Six Sigma Movements
  • Benefits of Lean and Six Sigma (LSS)
  • Benefits of integrating Lean and Six Sigma
  • LSS Organizational Structure
  • Customer Focus
  • Understanding Lean and Six Sigma Tools
  • The Breakthrough Strategy
  • Process Mapping
  • FMEA
  • Basic Statistics
  • Capability Analysis
  • MSA
  • Design of Experiments
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Project Selection and Planning
  • How to Get Started
  • Case Studies

Course Sequence: LSSChamp

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