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Lean and Six Sigma Case Studies - Big Savings, Shorter Lead-times and Fewer Errors

Whether the focus is on Breakaway Lean®, Excelerated Six Sigma®, or Unified Lean/Six Sigma®, Omnex's implementation projects typically yield big results and bottom line savings in as little as three to six months. We work fast and get your staff up and running right way.

Below are the results of some recent Lean and Six Sigma implementations:

At a Mold equipment tooling manufacturer, we worked on the Order Entry and Sales Process and reduced "Order to Ship" lead time from 42 days to 7, we reduced the number of tasks from 109 to 21, and we reduced travel distance from 4000 feet to 180 feet. As a result, revenue increased from $1.3 million per quarter to $4.2 million with no increase in labor inputs. (More...)
Omnex began working with a worldwide electronics organization to kick off Excelerated Six Sigma® in three continents - the USA, Asia, and Europe. We trained the 19 champions and ran 21 Black Belt projects. With only 5 projects completed, the corporate finance department reported savings of $13.5 million. (More...)
At a Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) Procurement company, we helped streamline their Procurement Approval Process. Through migration to electronic forms, and by eliminating duplicate activities, we eliminated the 700 feet of distance traveled, and we eliminated 63% of the steps required. This resulted in $140,000 of savings a year with half the number of team members in the MRO office. (More...)
At a Tier 1 automotive supplier, Omnex worked on eight initial bi-monthly Lean/Kaizen manufacturing events. As a result the number of checking steps went down by 43%, overall distance traveled was reduced by 30%, and changeover time was reduced by 46%. This resulted in inventory savings of $138,000 per quarter for raw material and $168,000 in finished goods. (More...)
Omnex worked for a large semiconductor company with operations in four continents and offering 3,000 products. After establishing DMAIC across functions and sites, and after 11 projects, the company reported more than $10 million in savings with an expected total savings after 15 projects of $36 million. (More...)
At a Tier 1 automotive electronics parts manufacturer supplying major automotive companies worldwide, we worked to make their Engineering Change Notification Process more efficient. This 5 day Kaizen event resulted in reducing the number of signatures required for ECN approval by over 50% and reducing the number of checklist tasks by an average of 40%. “Cost of delay” costs were reduced $72,000 per project. (More...)
At an Asian components company, we were brought in to Implement Lean Manufacturing Systems and improve delivery performance. As a result of our work, Delivery performance improved in three months from 15% "on time to promised date" to 60% "on time to customer required date". Correlated metrics showed comparable, sustained improvement. (More...)
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