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Case study for external failure analysis - How does Omnex do it?

Find out in this case study

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case study

Company X and Omnex agreed that in order to make a breakthrough improvement in opening and closing Corrective Actions, there needed to be a clearly defined process owner. Company X agreed to create Product Line Teams (PLTs) that have total process performance ownership for a designated set of customers. The PLT would have a team leader assigned. Using this approach, a multi-disciplinary team would be responsible for improving customer satisfaction. The team would have to be supported by a senior manager who would serve as its Champion (VP Operations).

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case study

The team was created by Company X and trained by Omnex. The team learned how to review and revise its manufacturing process documentation, audit its work areas, and it was assigned corrective action items. Each had to track its performance daily, and was empowered and responsible to make improvements. (For more on this methodology, see Layered Process Audits Take Center Stage )

The result of this plan six months post-initiation will fulfill the Future State Map lead time objective of six days. Supplier failure analysis lead times will be studied in order for a plan to be developed to meet the 24 hour FA lead time.

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case study

The RMA database will be revised to make automatic email notifications, red flag reports and automatic escalation notifications. These changes will provide status reports on the Corrective Action Process performance and communicate to senior management if the new performance objective (six days for completed Corrective Actions) is not achieved. It will also notify the PLT and senior management if any clean dates have been violated.

To date the project has yielded the following results:

  • Saved $7802/month in overtime.
  • Lead time reduced to 12 days.

This is the kind of work that Omnex does day in and day out in businesses around the US and around the world. To find out more about our consulting offerings and our workshop approach to Lean/Six Sigma, contact Omnex at 734.761.4940 or visit www.omnex.com.

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Case study for external failure analysis - How does Omnex do it? Find out in this case study more...

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