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Layered process audits take center stage

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Layered Process Audits (LPAs) are becoming a regular way of life at automotive suppliers. It is a Daimler Chrysler prerequisite for obtaining PSO approval of all its suppliers to Power train and Component Manufacturing Plants. It is also a General Motors Quality System Basics (QSB) requirement. And of course, to be certified to TS 16949:2002, suppliers must meet all of their Customer Specific Requirements, so that means suppliers have a vested interest in them.

Layered Process Auditing consists of a scheduled approach to reviewing all manufacturing operations by multiple layers of management. It focuses primarily on processes and error-proofing systems. The objective of an LPA is to ensure that "all eyes" of the organization are reviewing the techniques used to ensure the manufacture of customer expected product quality. Initial success of LPAs will catch manufacturing errors and will produce continual improvement as the LPA system evolves.

But where do you begin? Omnex has created a practical approach to understanding the LPA program and developing the necessary audit checklists that will be used during your audits. Through a "manufacturing process review," anyone responsible for quality in your organization can develop the required process and error-proofing verification audit checklists.

The Omnex process focuses on the plant floor, where cross-functional teams staffed by operators, maintenance, production supervision and specialists (like quality and process engineering) work as a team. They collect information on current internal and external failure history as a starting point. Then they work through the tools of process flow, PFMEA, control plans and work instructions to update preventive and detective controls and to improve the overall process. The layered audit checklist input comes from the process review conducted by the team. The team identifies all the controls, checks, methods and procedures that need to be performed correctly for the process to repeat for zero defects.

Omnex offers a two-day performance-packed workshop that ties quality related issues in your manufacturing areas into Layered Process Audits. The workshop describes the necessary components of the LPA program required by DCX and GM. You walk away with an action plan to make quality improvements and develop the LPA checklists. Click here to register for this workshop.

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