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Breakaway Lean Champions: Leading the Transformation
Breakaway Lean Champions: Leading the Transformation (3-day workshop)

This workshop introduces Value Stream Mapping to measure and define the process improvement opportunities. Your Lean Champions will analyze and document your current state value stream for one of your existing product families. They will then create a future state value stream map that identifies and quantifies the opportunities for improving process performance through the deployment of Lean Manufacturing technologies. The result will be the development of a roadmap to achieve the "Future State."

Ultimately, the workshop participants will produce project logs and project plans for achieving those improvements. This workshop also introduces the concept and practice of Linked Scorecards. Champions will create product, process and project scorecards to link each improvement project to bottom-line results. Champion will implement Lean manufacturing technologies project-by-project in a D-M-A-I-C structure.

The goals are to:

  • Develop an understanding of the Lean improvement philosophy, process and tools
  • Develop knowledge and skills for creating current and future state value stream maps
  • Create a current state map, future state map and a Lean project deployment plan for one of your product families.
  • Create a roadmap to attain the "Future State"
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