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Breakaway Lean Approach

Breakaway Lean Approach

Omnex Breakaway Lean is Omnex's trademarked approach to implementing Lean in your company. Using this innovative technique, you can expect results in just six months. With Breakaway Lean, we teach you the Lean techniques, and then we roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to implement them right away. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant and you self-sufficient.

Here's what Breakaway Lean will do for you:

  • 50% improvement in throughput, 50% reduction in inventory, and 20% decrease in operating expenses in 6 months
  • ROI greater than 300% in 6 months*
  • 33% increase in profitability in 6 months
  • 16% bottom line improvement in 6 months
  • Lean Project Management using DMAIC
  • We assess and quantify opportunities ahead of time
  • Integrate Lean with your corporate strategy using Lean vision, roadmap and Lean ROI
  • Speed-fast results in 6 months
  • Quick turnaround of knowledge
  • Start seeing bottom line results in 3 months

* assuming that Value Stream sales are greater than $2 million
As mentioned above, we figure out and quantify opportunities before we teach you anything. As part of this analysis, we look at:

  • Lean Culture Assessment
  • Lean Scorecards
  • Lean Tools

Breakaway Lean Is Not Training

Following this analysis, we set up our workshop plan with you. Don't expect it to follow traditional training programs you've dealt with in the past. Your Lean representatives will attend an extremely interactive workshop for a few days, then we'll work with them to apply what they've just learned to an actual issue within your organization.

A typical Breakaway Lean Workshop Program is a menu from which we help you choose the tools best suited for your organization and your situation. The menu includes the following tools, from which you can choose some or all:

  • Continuous Flow
  • Cellular Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Supermarket Pull Scheduling
  • Kanbans
  • 5Ss
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • SMED
  • OEE

See the complete menu of Breakaway Lean workshops here.

To find out more about Omnex's workshops and consulting services in Breakaway Lean�, Excelerated Six Sigma� or Unified Lean/Six Sigma� please contact:

  Omnex Business Development


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