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Breakaway Lean
Application of Breakaway Lean Tools - Supermarket Pull with Kanbans

Workshop Content

This one-day fast-paced course develops knowledge and skills for deploying pull-scheduling systems to be used where continuous flow is not yet possible. Participants will learn how to determine appropriate levels of inventory needed to maintain production schedules with minimum waste. Participants will learn how to develop and deploy kanbans for real-time shop floor scheduling and inventory management. Participants will also learn how to determine the cost savings realized from supermarket-pull scheduling.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Lean Senseis, Continual Improvement Leaders, Process Engineers, Material Handling Teams and Manufacturing Leadership responsible for planning, organizing and managing continuous improvement of manufacturing and assembly processes.


Some experience implementing Lean techniques is helpful and critical thinking is required.

Workshop Materials

Each participant will receive a Supermarket Pull Manual that contains all workshop materials.

Workshop Goals

  • Develop an understanding of supermarkets, pull scheduling and kanbans
  • Develop the applicable skills for deploying supermarkets & kanbans to control inventory levels and to schedule the production and delivery of raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods inventories
  • Provide instruction to identify and quantify the cost savings from the improved inventory control and production scheduling performance resulting from the use of pull scheduling

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to Pull Systems
  • Introduction to Supermarkets
  • Introduction to Kanbans
  • Introduction to Heijunka (leveling)
  • Determining Appropriate Inventory Levels
  • Designing Supermarkets
  • Creating Kanbans for Production Scheduling & Inventory Control
  • Determining Cost Savings from the Supermarket Pull System
  • Management and Continual Improvement of the Supermarket Pull System

Workshop Sequence: LEANSPKAN

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