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Unified Lean/Six Sigma Approach

Unified Lean Six Sigma Approach

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We can provide a variety of approaches to the Lean Six Sigma initiative. It can range from the traditional training approach to a project-based or a very customized method. The development and implementation of systemic, project-based approach to achieve sustained operations excellence seems to offer the most long-term value.

A Lean Six Sigma deployment is a company wide strategy and technique to achieve breakthroughs in areas such as productivity improvement, PPM reduction, lead time and cycle time reduction. Though the training is an important facet of the deployment strategy the key to successful implementation is the creation of a sustainable infrastructure. Our approach normally begins with the introduction of a Lean methodology in a D-M-A-I-C structure.

Effective deployment requires top management understand and "buy-in" the Lean/Six Sigma concept. The Lean Six Sigma process generally begins with top management in which the strategic planning is developed based upon the Linked Scorecards and Value Stream Mapping methodology unique to Omnex. The goal is to help the management team in designing and developing process specific improvement plans for each of your critical product realization processes.

When using a project-based approach together we determine the appropriate level of Omnexs role in the project specifically, working side-by-side with your team members to instruct them in a specific project. Then we progressively step away from your team in stages, giving them more independence as we progress. By slowing turning over the project to the implementation team it allows you team to be better prepared and self-sufficient for future projects.

Unified Lean Six Sigma Approach

This approach has two major advantages; your investment in training is captured when the project is completed and the participants learn how to successfully manage on-going Lean projects. Omnex supports these efforts with just-in-time knowledge transfer applied to meaningful operational issues.

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