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Excelerated Six Sigma Project Planner

Six Sigma Project Planner

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Six Sigma Project Planner is a tool that can be used to monitor the progress of a Six Sigma project implementation. This web-based product monitors all of the measurables required for a successful Six Sigma Project.

Key features of Six Sigma Project Planner

  • Project Planning
  • DMAIC structure
  • NPV Cost Analysis
  • Grouping of Projects
  • Reports

Advantages of Six Sigma Project Planner

  • Dynamic and easy to use.
  • Single installation on server.
  • Web-based structure enables enterprise-wide accessibility, providing management with reporting across multiple locations.
  • Automated task reminder emails are sent to the relevant individuals.
  • Escalation of tasks is possible.
  • Phase review and approval.
  • Reports generated from any software package can be attached to each task. Non-proprietary.
  • No restriction on the number of Six Sigma tools used in a project. Add as many tasks as you need.
  • Expandable for future changes to Six Sigma or Project

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