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Excelerated Six Sigma Executive Training

Excelerated Six Sigma Executive Training

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Workshop Content

This one-day training is the first step toward internal deployment and includes an overview of Six Sigma, deployment strategies, scientific tools and methods, and improvement, measurements, and management controls.

Who Should Attend

Senior management and leadership team of a single organization.



Workshop Materials

Workshop Manual.

Workshop Goals

Achieve an effective understanding of the Excelerated Six Sigma Strategy and the Excelerated Six Sigma process within the organization's Six Sigma infrastructure.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction and Vision of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Performance Measurement
  • Corporate Strategy
  • History of Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Terminology, Strategy, and Roadmap of the Six Sigma methodology
  • Process Performance
  • Basic Statistics
  • Cp, Cpk relationship to Z values, Subgrouping, and Z-transformation
  • Six Sigma toolkit
  • Comparison with best practices
  • Six Sigma roles, training, project guidelines, and communication

Executive Training Agenda

Day 1 (Full day)

  • Defining Our Values: Introduction to Why Six Sigma is Being Implemented.
  • Business Metrics: Introduce New Concepts on Six Sigma Performance Measurement, with Discussion on Corporate Strategy.
  • History Of Quality: The Evolution of Quality and Continual Improvement. Where does Six Sigma fit in?
  • Breakthrough Strategy: Terminology, Strategy and Roadmap of the Six Sigma Methodology. Understanding the Six Sigma Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control process.
  • Process Characterization: Process Performance in Terms of Yield, Capability and Sigma.
  • Statistics: The basics of statistical thinking and what to expect to see and how to use the information in a Six Sigma project report.
  • Tools: Overview of Main Tools Used as Part of the Six Sigma Toolkit - what to expect in a Six Sigma report?
  • Design for Six Sigma: An Overview of DFSS Vision, Methods and Tools.
  • Future Initiatives: Discussion on Lean Thinking and Systems Optimization.
  • Six Sigma Deployment: Compare and Contrast Current/Proposed Deployment Strategy with Best Practices, Project Guidelines and Communication.
  • Roles: What is expected from the various participants in Six Sigma?
  • Lessons Learned: A Tour of Lessons Learned From Companies That Have Been There.

Day 2 (Half day - Optional)

Excelerated Six Sigma Deployment Workshop:

  • Areas to target breakthrough
  • Administration and logistics
    • Number of Champions, Master black belts, black belts, green belts to be required.
    • Selection Process for Champions and black belts.
    • Rollout-schedule.
    • Six Sigma Charter.
  • Integration of black belt position into HR development cycles.

Course Sequence: 6SigmaExec

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