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Patient Centered Medical Home Initiatives

Omnex Healthcare Quality coaches work with physician practices to effectively and efficiently implement the PCMH initiatives, helping them become significantly more efficient and effective in the delivery of Health Care services, while achieving Patient Centered Medical Home Accreditation. We assist the practice team in

  • Development and implementation of PCMH Initiatives
  • Effectively meeting PPC-PCMH Standards
  • Integrating EMR, Registry, and Internet Prescription technologies
  • Integrating IT, Administrative and Clinical Processes
  • Employing Lean/SixSigma methodologies to minimize cost and increase effectiveness
  • Qualifying for Payer Incentives for PCMH accreditation (e.g. BC/BS PGIP)

Working with the practice team, Omnex maintains a disciplined focus on achieving the PCMH objectives to

  • Improve the patient experience in primary care, including engaging patients in self-management activities.
  • Improve primary care quality and outcomes using collaborative activities, educational resources and coaching within the practice.
  • Apply evidence-based guidelines consistently in care of patients.
  • Use technology to improve practice processes, with an emphasis on use of the patient registry.
  • Reduce waste in the medical practice, with the outcome of increasing clinician time with patients.
  • Improve pay-for-performance metrics.

The scope of Omnex PCMH activities enables the practice team to achieve the PCMH standards:

  • Access and Communication
  • Patient Tracking and Registry Functions
  • Care Management
  • Patient Self-management Support
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Test Tracking
  • Referral Tracking
  • Performance Reporting & Improvement
  • Advanced Electronic Communication

For more information on PCMH: http://www.pcpcc.net/

Presentation: “The Medical Home: An Integral Part of Health Care Reform”, University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences