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Supply Chain Management

Today's Challenge

Omnex has the personnel and the supplier development approach that reduces supplier costs while improving their quality. Omnex's data-driven supplier development approach leverages our global resources, "best-in-class" processes, and advanced Web technologies to help your suppliers improve. Omnex offers three approaches:

  • We can design a customized program that augments your current supplier initiatives while still allowing you total control over our involvement. This method allows us to use an integrated solution that leverages our team of industry veterans and customized training courses and EwQMS™ (Enterprise-wide Quality Management System) software.
  • For those companies who want to outsource their entire supplier management program, Omnex can customize an approach that meets the needs of top management. This approach typically results in 20% to 40% out-of-pocket cost savings.
  • Omnex can customize a supplier management program to fit your needs and train your personnel in its operation.

The Omnex supplier management approach focuses your supplier management efforts in the following areas:

  • Supplier assessment/Operational Due Diligence
  • Supplier metrics management
  • New product development support and PPAP
  • Problem identification and elimination


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