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Overview About Omnex

Crisis Response

Today's Challenge

As customers demand additional cost reductions, faster deliveries, better quality and better performance, organizations must look toward their suppliers for operational improvements. The opportunities for cost savings and operational improvements can be enormous, and the impact on your margins and bottom line is considerable. With supplier support, significant improvements can be accomplished in only months.

Capturing these financial rewards requires more experienced personnel with unique skill sets than most of the organizations in today's economy possess. Compounding the problem is that most organizations have cut back the amount of technical advisors that deal directly with suppliers. Business time and capabilities are stretched to the limit, yet you must meet customers' demands for cost reductions on current products.

Omnex Programs

Omnex has the personnel and the supplier development approach that reduces supplier costs while improving their quality. We offer two programs:

  • We can design a customized supplier development program that augments your current supplier initiatives while still allowing you direct control over the initiative. In this program, we use an integrated solution that leverages our team of industry veterans and customized training courses with your current initiatives and internal experts.
  • For those companies who want to outsource their entire supplier management program, Omnex can customize an approach that utilizes our project manager, industry veterans, and even our software solutions to produce a guaranteed costreduction of 20% to 40%.

Our Supply Chain Management Approach

The Omnex supplier management approach focuses your supplier management efforts in the followingareas:

  • Supplier assessment/Operational Due Diligence
  • Supplier metrics management
  • New product development support and PPAP
  • Problem identification and elimination

Supplier Assessment/Operational Analysis

Every supplier development project begins with pre-assessment planning, followed by the supplier assessment/operational analysis. Omnex will conduct an onsite assessment of the problematic suppliers to determine their weaknesses and to recommend improvements. Omnex can also monitor (or train you to monitor) your supply chain to ensure that good suppliers are retained and troubled suppliers are encouraged to improve. This ultimately leads us to develop a statement of work, action plan and project plan to help your troubled suppliers deliver the results you need.

While working with troubled suppliers, we will provide progress reports along the way. Included in the progress reports are the number of deliverables met and other measures of success. Omnex monitors results after the conclusion of the project to ensure that the improvements remain in place.

Supplier Metrics Management

Supplier data must be collected and evaluated in the areas of cost, quality (PPM), delivery (ship ontime, premium freight), responsiveness, communication and other important parameters. Omnex will gather, organize and analyze the data to create the benchmarking necessary to assess your supply chain. We help you take the necessary corrective actions when suppliers and business management system weaknesses become known.

New Product Development Support/PPAP

Based on a metrics data analysis and a risk assessment, Omnex will identify the suppliers best suited for new product launches. High-risk suppliers need to be identified. After the suppliers are identified, additional assistance can be provided to ensure the success of the new programs. Omnex will also assist you in evaluating the PPAP documents for each supplier involved in the program launch to make sure your launch is successful.

Omnex can also help you to attain significant cost reductions and operational improvements through the development of new products. We will dissect and study the entire design and development process to look for areas to improve. We analyze current product design processes, align design policies, and develop an overall business strategy that will result in major reductions in design costs significantly increase design throughput and improve engineering productivity.


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