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EwIMS Software

Software: EwIMS and Medini Analyse

Software-enabled processes can help standardize and integrate processes in the organization. Processes need to be kept simple and easy to use for it to be adopted in an organization.

What is EwIMSTM? The Enterprise-wide Integrated Management Systems (EwiMSTM) is a web-based solution to the Challenge of the Enterprise – Multi-Site, Multi-Language, and Multi-Cultural with Multiple Standards, Audits and Risk Management. It is the solution set to the problems faced by an Enterprise with multiple design centers, sales offices, manufacturing plants and customers far-flung across the globe.

  • The enterprise faces multiple standards and compliance requirements with lack of consistency (of standards, processes, audits, risk management, problem solving) across the Enterprise.
  • No central access for quality data
    • Outdated systems, non-complaint software
    • Systems Incompatibility – Integration needs
  • Process Inefficiencies
    • Little or no knowledge transfer or best practices between facilities
    • No common nomenclature for quality metrics (including audit nonconformities)
    • No integration in quality and business planning efforts (audit practices)
  • Lack of flexibility and functionality in current practices

Omnex has worked with our sister company, Omnex Systems, for a solution set that deals with Integrated Management Systems, Enterprise Problem Solving for Integrated Management Systems, Risk Assessment for Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) Risks, Internal Audits for QEHS or any other type of assessment or audit.

EwIMS was designed to automate and put into practice Best-in-Class Omnex methodologies for ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, APQP, Integrated Management Systems, QOS, and other methodologies. See Figure 19 for the various components of EwIMSTM.

Other methodologies employed by Omnex includes Lab Management Systems (ISO 17025), Mistake/Error Proofing (Poka Yoke), Layered Process Audits, MSA, SPC and many other techniques that are too numerous to list.


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