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What We Stand For

Results. It's that simple. If you don't achieve measurable improvement in your business, we have not been successful. Omnex is a provider of Quality Management and Performance Enhancement consulting and training to an extensive array of manufacturing and service industries. We create unique solutions, but with inordinate dedication to process and results. We're in the business of applying knowledge-experts with a zealous commitment to service and relationships. We're also not afraid to make tough decisions and to fight for them.

Enterprise-wide Focus

To achieve excellence and competitive advantage you must effectively align your processes and resources with Customer Satisfaction-driven Strategic Performance Objectives, and manage to those objectives. Omnex works with you to help you discover and drive your customers' expectations and requirements throughout the organization to enhance bottom line growth and profitability.

Integrated Systems Model

The Omnex Integrated Excellence Model molds systems, tools and methodologies into a total enterprise solution to support and sustain breakthrough improvements in products, processes and services.

Some of the systems we deploy include:

  • Quality/Business Operating Systems (QOS, BOS)
  • Quality, Environmental & Health/Safety Management Systems (ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001, etc)
  • New Product Development and Launch (Design Excellence, APQP)
  • Lean/Six Sigma Project Management (Operations Excellence)
  • Productivity Improvement (Business Process Excellence)
  • Awards and Certificates (Ford Q1, Malcolm Baldrige)
  • Waste Reduction, Statistical Process Control/Applied Statistics
  • Value Enhancement

The model incorporates six initiatives that can be implemented in parallel or serial steps depending on your needs, timetables and the maturity of your existing processes and systems.

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Quality Management Systems

Getting Started

The process begins by obtaining a thorough understanding of your organization, operations, customers, stakeholders and competitive environment. We match our capabilities and approaches with your objectives, capabilities and market realities.

Working With You...

We help you evaluate your needs and recognize opportunities for improvement. We develop an understanding of your organization, operations, customers, stakeholders and competitive environment. Next, we conduct an assessment that culminates in an improvement plan. After the plan is agreed to, the implementation begins. During the implementation, we use our integrated business and quality systems methodologies and tools to implement the improvement plan.

To Achieve Results...

Our concern is for the bottom line-experienced Program Managers work with your staff and our consultants to focus on clearcut strategies, project milestones and substantive deliverables providing measurable results. Our select group of management experts and quality professionals maintains an earnest commitment to forging solid client relations. But we also believe that the quality and value of our service speaks for itself-in the results.


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