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Overview About Omnex

Quality/Business Operating System (QOS/BOS)

Omnex, working with Ford Motor Company, developed the Quality Operating System methodology, also known as QOS. This approach starts with a leadership process that includes a customer focus and a disciplined method to manage the business (See Figure 1). This methodology was put in use not only by Ford, but also throughout its worldwide supplier base in the 1990s. Since that time, Omnex has assisted companies in a wide range of industries in the effective implementation of QOS systems. The QOS methodology applies to the entire organization, including the New Product Development and Manufacturing Operations.


The key to QOS is the alignment of all activities throughout the organization to support and advance the organization’s goals and objectives. This requires the identification of process measurables and customer-focused results indicators that drive organizational-wide improvement. Although all members of the organization are involved in the deployment and implementation, the primary responsibility to foster and employ this approach falls upon top management of the organization. Unless leadership is driving for improvement, using tools such as Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP);

Integrated Business Management Systems; Disciplined Problem Solving; Lean and Six Sigma; and other proven improvement methodologies, these improvements will not happen nor will their use be widespread throughout the organization.

Furthermore, QOS brings disciplined management methods such as Visual Management, Cross Functional Management, Continual Improvement Focus, Empowerment, and Process Focus. An example of Visual Management can be seen in Figure 2.


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