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Overview About Omnex

Overview of Operational Assessment and Improvement

Business Excellence => Financial Success

The link is obvious; the barriers are often hidden.

Omnex helps clients improve their operations to achieve significant bottom-line benefits. This incorporates numerous areas: supply chain, new product launch, product and service quality, asset management, customer requirements, environmental impact, worker safety. We approach operational improvement holistically, recognizing that business processes operate in an interrelated fashion - a system.

That view of the organization allows Omnex consultants to identify opportunities for dramatic improvement, and to capture the value in systemic change, rather than symptom suppression.

It also drives the approaches we take to assisting clients. We advocate a systems approach to business management, which may include integration with quality, environmental and health & safety standards. From our work with clients over the years, we know that a systems approach is critical to long-term business results. And we understand what were talking about - our own business operating system integrates with our ISO 9001 quality management system.

For more on our underlying philosophy, check out our Business Excellence Model


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