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Lean and Six Sigma

Omnex’s Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies can be taught and implemented stand-alone or as an integrated Lean and Six Sigma process. Omnex uses a structured Lean process known as a Breakaway LeanTM and a Six Sigma process called Excelerated Six SigmaTM.

Omnex's Breakaway LeanTM approach is a highly structured, results-oriented process that guarantees results of 50/50/20 in the relatively short time frame of six months. 50/50/20 refers to the improvement an organization practicing Breakaway LeanTM (see Figure 13) can expect to achieve – a 50% or more reduction in inventory, 50% increase in throughput, and a 20% reduction in operational costs in as little as six months.

Many organizations, especially Automotive, Electronics and/or other companies in industries that have adopted Stage Gate Risk-Based methodologies have already gained knowledge and skills in techniques like SPC, MSA, and FMEA. Omnex’s Excelerated Six SigmaTM (See Figure 15) leverages these skills and knowledge in applying them to the DMAIC Breakthrough Strategy. Simply put, the “Excelerated” process reduces the class room time of traditional Six Sigma training by 40% when Black Belt candidates possess the prerequisite skills.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma


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