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Overview About Omnex

Cultural Dynamics

Depending upon the region, country and business culture, in addition to the obvious barriers (language, ethnicity, etc.) there may be subtle or hidden obstacles to effective business relationships. These may include:

  • Differing Accounting Practices and Concepts
  • Employment & Supplier Relationships based on "off-the-books" arrangements or understandings
  • Disincentives for Increased Labor Productivity
  • Unstated Regional Preferences/Protection
  • Relationships based on "Relationships"
  • Entrenched Management Paradigms
  • Governmental Strategy Local, National, Global

With operations based in almost all of the key automotive markets, Omnex employs only local, indigenous experts who:

  • Have "been there" - who possess extensive, practical experience in the local and regional business environment
  • Speak the local language(s) with native fluency
  • Are knowledgeable of Advanced Concepts, Methodologies and Tools, and are
  • Experienced at employing them
  • Have "lived the change"
  • Are not nave
  • Are trustworthy and loyal to both the client and Omnex
  • Possess extreme objectivity, and who wont "force assessments and recommendations to support decisions already made"
  • Are able to objectively assess critical issues of risk and feasibility

Omnex can operate effectively in almost any business environment; we can ensure your organizations success, helping you to avoid many of the rocks and shoals on which foreign ventures typically founder.


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