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Omnex is an international consulting, training and software development organization specializing in management system solutions that elevate the performance of client organizations. Chad Kymal provides us with a fascinating insight into the business and its unique approach to providing business advice.

Founded in 1986, Omnex is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan with branch offices throughout the world. We are strategically placed globally to better serve the expanding multinational marketplace and are a world leader in consulting and training.

Therefore for over 30 years Omnex have been helping many leading fortune 500 companies dramatically improve their business operations, reach certification and revitalize their global operations. Our client base includes companies from all walks of life, from automotive to engineering, to aerospace, railways, garments, shoes, pharmaceutical, oil/NG and hospitals and hotels.

The consulting, software, and training divisions represent three interconnected business segments. Our customer base, initially from the US, has since been expanded to Canada, Argentina, Brazil, India, China, Thailand and Eastern & Western Europe. Our top clients include seven of the top 10 automakers, top aerospace companies, largest electronics/semi-conductor companies, large retail, banking and service companies, major engineering companies, 70% of the top 100 auto component makers in the world, and top alternative energy companies.

During this time we have participated in writing some of the key management system standards that have shaped worldwide quality and we have served as a key instrument for supplier rollouts to large multinational companies. Our unique integrated methodology is designed to continuously improve business management systems and impact the bottom line.

Our approach revolves around putting an emphasis on producing cost savings in business process improvements while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. This enables our clients to maintain and expand their existing business in the face of a more competitive world market.

Through this approach we have trained more than 100,000 individuals in over 30 countries. We have a workforce of over 400 professionals, speaking over a dozen languages. We have helped transform and improve global OEMs and Supply Chains in the Automotive, Semiconductor/Electronics, Service, and Aerospace Industry. We are also on the AIAG writing committees for Problem Solving, FMEA, SPC, and MSA.

Alongside this approach we are also a pioneer in the project-based approach to integrated Lean/Six Sigma. Companies disillusioned with the traditional (and sometimes costly) training based approaches now focus on the development and implementation of systemic, project-based approaches to achieving sustained, state-of-the art operations excellence. This approach has two major advantages: the investment in training is captured when the project is completed, and the participants learn how to successfully manage a project while linking events and activities. This results in substantial saving while people are still in training.

We offer three important and innovative approaches to Lean and Six Sigma. Breakaway Lean®, Excellerated Six Sigma®, and Unified Lean/Six Sigma

Omnex Breakaway Lean is Omnex’s trademark approach to implementing Lean in a company. Using this innovative technique, the company can expect results in less than six months. With Breakaway Lean, we trach the company the Lean techniques, and then we roll up our sleeves and work alongside the company to implement them right away. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant and the company self-sufficient in Lean.

For Excellerated Six Sigma®, Omnex will work with the management team to aid in planning, organizing and launching Six Sigma for the organization. We can help the company select and develop Six Sigma Champions, Black Belts and Green Belts. We can also provide an onsite Black Belt to help get the companies Six Sigma program off the ground. Our Master Black Belts will train, develop and organize the company’s Six Sigma improvement projects during the initial launch phase (first Consolas months) of their Six Sigma journey.

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