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Omnex Secure is a multi-dimensional security based organization based in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. Omnex Secure is a provider of comprehensive and progressive security services that expands upon the best practices of the industry.

Mission Statement

Our objective is to provide comprehensive and progressive security services and products to the ever changing world. Through trust, confidence, honesty and integrity, Omnex Secure will continually create a new level of professionalism and effectiveness.


Our dedicated commitment to delivering competitive services to each of our clients will have us in the forefront of the industry. Additionally, Omnex Secure commits to maintaining a highly skilled team of stakeholders throughout all disciplines of our business.

Security Services

Corporations must recognize that a secure economic environment results in measurable business benefits that include but are not limited to:

  • Cost Reduction: Security investments can drive efficiency into the supply chain
  • Enhanced Revenue: Securing the supply chain will help to reduce costly excess inventory
  • Better Risk Management: Proactive security policies help firms better manage operational and information technology failures from security incidents, including loss of life
  • Brand Protection: Security investments protects brands, possibly the most valuable asset for many companies against crises
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism: This is a government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security. This requires cooperation with the ultimate owners of the international supply chain such as importers, carriers, consolidators, licensed customs brokers, and manufacturers. These entities will require certification, audits, and C-TPAT consulting services.
  • Expatriate Safety and Cultural Assimilation: With many multi-national entities sending / assigning associates to different parts of the world, there is a strong requirement for this consulting service. With Omnex's presence in nine regions of the globe, significant opportunity exists for U.S. expatriate consulting, reverse expatriate consulting (foreign nationals coming to the U.S.) and cross expatriate consulting (foreign nationals being reassigned globally).
  • IT Security and Threat Management: This is an integral part of business continuity, intellectual property protection, white collar crime & fraud mitigation and money laundering. Additionally, installation of a threat intelligence analysis tool behind the firewall can be a part of this service. This can stop/identify threats that anti-virus and spyware programs are unaware of, and instantly notify the client of unauthorized data transfers, internet contacts, emails and other anomalies within their network.
  • Business Intelligence: Provide high value intelligence services available on demand to investors, fund managers, industry and key business decision makers in corporate entities. Bring transparency to all negotiations and promote client awareness to mitigate risk. This service provides comprehensive due diligence research spanning multiple industries with global coverage while supplying risk advisory services and monitoring portfolio companies and suppliers. Included with this offering are fraud mitigation, trade secret/IP piracy, internal misconduct, and corporate criminal/other investigations.
  • Mergers and Acquisition forensics
    Sarbanes - Oxley requirements
    Shareholder liability exposure
    Patriot Act oversight & compliance
  • Physical infrastructure protection/ facility hardening
    Corporate Headquarters and satellite offices
    Executive residences
    Manufacturing Sites
  • Supply Chain
  • Additional needs in the Marketplace
    • Intellectual Property protection (United States, Asia, EU, etc.)
    • Counterfeit parts activism specifically Asia and Eastern Europe
    • Information and risk management Comprehensive threats and security issues
    • Associate's (personal) safety
    • Secure professional brand
    • Global (by region) threat assessments, reporting and training
    • Vulnerability assessments across multiple applications
    • Commercial intelligence
    • Executive protection
    • Omnex Secure focuses on the consulting and security of our client's desire to protect their assets (human, business, brand, etc.). Omnex Secure focuses our expertise on business entities that are looking for strategic guidance to enhance growth in a secure environment.
    • Omnex Secure has set forth its mission to guide and advise Corporate Organizations. Our clients will gain from Omnex Secure's knowledge, effective strategy utilization and execution in its business systems and processes.
  • Strategic Security Planning
    Legacy Security Management's risk mitigation planning takes the macro view of our client's end goal and the subsequent mapping of correcting adjustments to achieve a new level of security performance. This process assists our clients to focus on resource allocation. Security planning is the springboard for related activities such as growth, portfolio strategy and other strategies. Omnex Secure assists our clients by incorporating a long term security perspective into their strategies while focusing on significant issues faced to achieve the desired results.
    Security planning is executed via consulting for the growth, portfolio strategy and other strategies of the client. As an ongoing retained service, we assist our clients by incorporating a long term security perspective into their strategies while focusing on issues faced to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Portfolio Strategy
    Omnex Secure assists our clients in determining where their security resources are best deployed via a detailed financial review of its business holdings and the security execution within those holdings. Developing this strategy allows a client's management team to determine where security efforts should be focused among their varied interests.
    Portfolio Strategy is a consulting service for the client where our passion to convert revenue to profit along all business lines are executed. Clients will realize immediate cost benefits by our review and the consolidation of duplicated or dissimilar security operations.
  • Shareholder Value
    Increasing Shareholder value is a critical measure of every for profit organization and their related interests. Omnex Secure assists its clients in enhancing their market value via short term profit hunts, improved asset management, capital structure changes and long term performance improvements relative to security functions.
  • Security Cost Management
    Omnex Secure drives effective optimization of security assets and establishes “best practices” within the industry for our clients. This optimization is a key measurable in delivering world class security and risk mitigation services to our clients.
  • Security and Safety Procurement
    Omnex Secure will play a vital role in the security supply chain. Many corporations experience a significant amount of purchased content cost in their operations which may significantly impact their bottom line. Procurement activities include coordinating orders and changes, evaluating bids, search and due diligence for new suppliers, and monitoring supplier performance.

    Example: clients will come to us with a problem after outsourcing a number of tasks, later finding their products being sold on the grey market and featured on web sites hosted offshore. They have no idea what staff was working on the project, etc. They have few protection protocols and other safeguards mandated in contracts. Nor do they have any idea who the outsource firm they hired was outsourcing to themselves. As part of a retained service or on a per project basis, Omnex Secure will mitigate this risk for our clients.
  • Security Capital Management
    Security equipment for real estate is a significant part of costs for our clients, especially if multiple sites or operations are involved. Omnex Secure will assist in reducing costs in this area thus achieving a high return on invested capital. This is achieved by focusing on consolidating operating costs, modifying the organizational security structure and determining key drivers of Return On Invested Capital and leveraging those drivers.
  • Security Performance Improvement
    For full potential achievement, Omnex Secure will improve security performance to a world class level in several areas. These dimensions within the security discipline include: cost management, supply chain, procurement, reducing complexity, enhancing service, redesign of the security process, etc.
  • Adjacent Markets Intelligence
    Omnex Secure assists our clients by identifying and exploiting adjacent markets. This is one of the most effective moves a company can make to achieve significant new growth. Expansion outside but adjacent to an entity's core market can undoubtedly fuel growth. Our intelligence activity reduces risks to our clients by evaluating its full potential.
  • Mergers & Acquisition Intelligence
    M&A activities typically fuel an entity's growth by strengthening its core business and / or also by expanding into a related or adjacent business that bolster its core business. Clearly, Omnex Secure's understanding and evaluation of a client's competition base within its industry should help drive the M&A process forward.
  • Adjacent Markets / M&A Intelligence
    Omnex Secure calls it reverse due diligence. Working with many principals seeking funding for various purposes over the years; startups, bringing a new patent to market, how will our clients hire the organizations or people I need to make this work and so on… The CEO's Prime Directive: protect your company, your customers, and your investors.

    It's up to our clients, not the bureaucracy, to do what needs to be done to protect the company…Who are our clients investing in; do they really know? Who are they outsourcing to and what mandates are in their contracts? As part of the due diligence mix, should the target entity civil litigation records and other civil filings be obtained? On a per project basis, Omnex Secure will mitigate these risks for our clients.
  • Screening Acquisition Targets
    Omnex Secure will assist the acquiring company with defining the acquisition strategy and the role of the target prior to selecting targets as part of its growth strategy. Doing so will jump start the due diligence process by defining how the target will create value or risk in the core or adjacent business and to the acquirer's reputation and bottom line.
  • Forensic Due Diligence
    Complimenting the reverse due diligence activity is Forensic Due Diligence. This is a forward looking process that will examine not only the financial aspect of the target, but also of its principals, practices, and potential product and service contributions or liabilities to Omnex Secure's clients.
  • Operational Execution
    Over two and a half decades of developed strategic relationships complimenting the aforementioned services and more can be delivered with unparalleled competence. Additionally, a majority of the services delineated can be delivered from within the organization thus maximizing gross margins for the business.
  • Global Presence
    Omnex Secure will have an immediate worldwide footprint and provide current and future clients a value added vendor. Additionally, with the aforementioned forged relationships, over 1,500 contacts exist across multiple industries.

    Our contacts and the current Omnex client base will be leveraged by offering management system solutions that elevate the performance of our client organizations. Providing consulting and training services in quality, health & safety, and environmental standards, the risk mitigation element can only be seen as complimentary to our client's performance and their stakeholder's enhancement.

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