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Omnex Environmental/Sustainability Effort

Omnex is teaming up with several local organizations and the world’s leading Permaculture Design Expert to offer courses on the subject of Permaculture Theory and Practicums. Omnex has a particular interest in environmental and social responsibility and is currently incorporating these important principles into its everyday business practices. From measuring our social impact in our consulting and training business to reaching out to our community partners, Omnex is working to commit itself to integrating these theories into its Corporate Social Responsibility Plans.

Darren Doherty is internationally recognized as a leader and pioneer in permaculture and regenerative agriculture. He will be in Ann Arbor, MI in August to deliver a series of seminars and workshops incorporating permaculture into both urban garden and small to large scale farm sites.

Two free 1 hour seminars will be offered at local community locations. The Amma Center of Michigan and the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens will play host to those interested in either applying permaculture practices into their home gardens or those interested in applying permaculture practices into their farms.

Two other workshops will be offered for a minimal cost to those who wish to learn more in depth techniques from Mr. Doherty in a farm setting. Again these are divided into two distinct interest groups as above. Darren will share his vast knowledge and experience to those in Omnex’s neighboring communities.

Information on these seminars can be located at www.omnex.com or by calling 734-761-4940. Seminars are located in the Bay Area of California, Chicago, IL and Ann Arbor, MI.

Omnex is proud to be a part of this important sharing of information to the community and will continue to work on programs of this type in the future.

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