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Plantech-Omnex announces partnership with ppapandaudits.com

Title : Plantech-Omnex announces in partnership with ppapandaudits.com

Plantech-Omnex division is excited to announce a new partnership with ppapandaudits.com This partnership brings together ppapandaudits.com “innovation engine” and Omnex’s 30 year history, global reach, and extensive experience with PPAP and Audits respectively. ppapandaudits.com powered by EwQIMS™, is an automated solution to customer’s PPAP and Auditing needs. ppapandaudits and Plantech-Omnex will work together to provide performance improvements in the form of staffing, PPAP support, and 3rd party audits.

ppapandaudits.com and Plantech-Omnex is a unique network of quality and supplier quality professionals who have been working with automotive and non-automotive companies worldwide. Together they have worked in supply base optimization in USA, Canada, Europe, China, India, and South East Asia, conducting PPAP or First Article for large as well as medium and small suppliers.

Through combined resources, Omnex-Plantech and ppapandaudits.com have world renowned consultants who have had the experience of working with both small and large program launches. These consultants have worked with suppliers in diverse industries with different needs. Their combined resources have the experience of completing over 25,000 PPAPs and supplier audits across the world.

Outsourcing the supplier development activities to an external consultant is not a new initiative. The critical components in this process are time and finding experts who are reliable, have subject matter expertise as well as SQE experience. Our consultants include Quality and Supply Chain professionals with over 20 years hands on experience in the field. These professionals, most of them Lead Auditors in various standards, have helped many OEMs and Tier 1 companies develop Supplier PPAPs, and conduct audits globally. For more information and how we can help you with your PPAPs or Audits write us at info@ppapandaudits.com

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