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Omnex Brief News - 2017

US News 2017

In December, Omnex held an annual internal training session at their Ann Arbor Headquarters. More than 50 consultants, auditors and sales team members attended these sessions covering IATF 16949, AS9100, AIAG VDA FMEA and much more. In October, Omnex attended and was an exhibitor at the IAQG Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. In September, Omnex CTO, Chad Kymal attended the AIAG Quality Summit held in Novi, Michigan. In October, Omnex attended and was an exhibitor at the IAQG Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. In September, Omnex CTO, Chad Kymal attended the AIAG Quality Summit held in Novi, Michigan.

Other events Omnex participated in recently include:

  • Quality 4.0 Summit
    • FSSC 22000 Harmonization
  • Conference
    • IMDS & Product Chemical
  • Compliance Conference
    • AAQG / G-14 AAQSC Meetings
    • TAG 176 Quality Management
  • Meetings
    • TAG 207 Environmental Management
  • Meetings
    • TAG 283 OH&S Management Meetings

Thailand News 2017

Thailand kick starts the Enterprise Quality Software implementation programs for Abatech and Delta Electronics. Successfully completed EWQIMS project for Pandora Jewelry and kick starts the implementation for plant 2.

Omnex Thailand has completed training more than 200 people on CQI workshops, 26 participants for Lead Auditor IATF 16949. Completed training for more than 900 people on IATF 16949. Completed CQI program requirements for Delta Electronics. Leading American Automotive OEM contracts Omnex for supplier development programs.

Middle East News 2017

Omnex Middle East completes Lead Auditor workshop on Lead Auditing ISO 17025, Lead Auditor for AS9100 and IATF 16949. More than 180 people have successfully completed their improvement training programs with Omnex. Kick starts 5 IATF 16949 consulting programs in Middle East. Working with a leading company on their quality improvement assessments. Successfully completed a major LSS drive for 1 major Oil/Natural Gas companies, one in Kuwait and one in Dubai. Continuing the trend of promoting Quality and Business Excellence culture in the Middle East region, Mr. Andrew Weichmann, Mr. Ravikumar and Mrs. Aysha Habeeb of the Omnex Dubai Office have completed the UAE Innovation Award Assessor Training that was developed as a collaboration between Dubai Quality Group and Dr. Kasim Kanakri of Team Power International.

China News 2017

In July, Omnex Wuhan provided IATF 16949 training for numerous well-known automotive suppliers. The factories of the enterprises under this training are world-class in manufacturing and standardized production. The instructor was a senior instructor with Omnex with over 10 years of foreign enterprise management experience. He also possesses rich experience in management regarding HRM, enterprise integrated management and can connect the course closely with customers’ practical problems.

There were 70 automotive suppliers that participated in this training. After class, the students’ feedback indicated that Omnex’s training was informative, professional, and provided personal experiences to solve their automotive problems.

Omnex Guangzhou provided CQI-9, CQI-11, and CQI-12 training for world-class micro motor enterprises on March 6th-9th. The facilities that received this training are engaged in electric machine, automotive components, mechanical equipment, instruments and hardware manufacturing. They are all new and high-tech facilities specialized in manufacturing and selling micro motors.

The Omnex instructor for this training has over 20 years of rich experience in on-site operations. He has practical experience in heating treatment, coating, and welding special technology and is knowledgeable of special technology quality and process management. He has successfully trained and assisted many well-known European and American manufacturing customers and built control management systems to meet their special requirements in CQI.

In the class, the instructor used AIAG methods and tools to help improve electroplating, heat treatment, painting spray system, and help the enterprise recognize and fulfill customers’ special requirements.

On September 18th-19th Omnex provided ISO/ IEC 17025 laboratory standards understanding and practical standards for a nuclear power company in Huizhou. This course focused on the approved laboratory validation, measuring and testing standards; building the laboratory QS to meet ISO/ IE C 17025, and how to provide third party independent audit in laboratory capability.

The instructor for this training was a senior trainer in Omnex, who is responsible for Six Sigma GB/BB promotion in manufacturing in Europe and America, has worked in quality control and program management for over 16 years, and has rich experience in management, training and consulting in vehicle management, component manufacturing.

Europe News 2017

Omnex has been able to help Suzlon to update its 9001 management system in Germany to the latest revision in 2015. From gap analysis to implementation assistance and international harmonization, a crossfunctional team analyzed and setup activities to improve the Suzlon BOS

Omnex helped Magna in Germany, Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria with technical trainings to roll out their APQP initiative in Europe. To achieve this goal the methods FMEA , MSA, SPC, PPAP , GD&T and Blueprint Reading were trained

Omnex has helped ZF TRW to successfully complete its IATF 16949:2016 recertification. Services were provided from GAP analysis to the identification of corrective actions

We are pleased to announce that the medical technology sector is being expanded. The first open training course for lead auditors according to ISO 13485 will be offered at the end of November. In the first quarter of 2018, new courses in risk management and usability engineering will be implemented. These complement the range of products and services for the medical technology market, which is very present in and around Berlin

Omnex received Magna Cosma appreciation award for implementing Manufacturing Excellence program

India News 2017

Assisted over 52 organizations currently in their implementation of IATF 16949:2016. Completed training for more than 5000 people on IATF 16949 tools. Completed more than 122 Lean Six Sigma projects for clients in 2017. Eight companies have selected Omnex as their training partner for all training workshops.

Presented at the QA Conference of Tata Steel on Managing Non-Conforming Products and Services. Omnex worked with three leading manufacturers of automotive wheels in their pursuit to Business Systems certification on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are working with them on a project to improve Design concepts and Manufacturability Working with leading Truck Manufacturers to improve employee capability on Quality Systems, Core Tools and Supply chain

Completed 14 implementation projects for various clients in India. Omnex wins the Contract for QMS Strengthening from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB). Completed training of over 300 Engineers of a leading Truck Manufacturer. Omnex has completed training for AS9100 for several premier Government Defense and Space companies. Leading US Automotive OEM works with Omnex for Design for Manufacturing and Assembly for new programs

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