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Omnex is an international consulting, training and software development organization specializing in management system solutions that elevate the performance of client organizations. With five training and consulting centres in India, Omnex Six Sigma initiatives are respected throughout the country.

"No power on Earth can stop an idea whose time has come," with these words from then finance minister Manmohan Singh during the presentation of Union Budget on 24 July 1991 started the process of economic liberalisation in India. After the economic reforms, Indian industries have experienced periodic of transformation. Initially, the focus was on large-scale public and private sectors, mainly in the core infrastructural production. After globalization and liberalization, Product/Process/Service Quality surfaced as one of the major areas of concern along with productivity. With opening up of the geographical barriers and the pressure of competing in the global market, overall operational excellence has become a necessity for the Indian industry to remain globally competitive.

At the same time, the concept of Six Sigma emerged as one of the most effective business strategies for large organizations worldwide and a number of multinationals charted many success stories after its use at Motorola. The mid 1990s created an ideal situation for companies like Omnex, a Michigan/U.S.A. based worldwide leader in Business, Operations consulting and training focusing on technical and soft skill development of professionals, to set up their shop in India. "Initially, the penetration or acceptance of Lean Six Sigma in the Indian industries was not as encouraging as it should have been. When we established our training centre in India, we realized that the tools that we taught in the US could not be given to the Indian companies in the same way," says Chad Kymal, Founder and C.T.O., Omnex Inc.

Omnex started its Indian operations in 1996 with training and consulting located in Chennai. Despite their years of experience working with major Fortune 100 companies like Ford, the top management of Omnex had to work hard to convince Indian companies about the strengths of quality improvement philosophies, from basic tools to advanced tools like Lean Six Sigma as a breakthrough improvement strategies, which can bring overall operational excellence for global competence. “In the initial stages, when we started talking about Six Sigma implementation, people were apprehensive, because they have never heard about such things. We also had to bring a local flavour to our training programs for those who were in need. More than just training, the effectiveness can be brought in only through mentoring and hand holding the candidates. Omnex recognized this and infused this into our implementations right from the beginning. ” says Arun Kumar, Director and Vice President, Omnex Asia/Pacific.

During the initial years in India, Omnex has been authorized by a number of OEMs for training and development of their supplier base. Ford India authorized Omnex for training its supplier base in Quality improvement methodologies and has completed several ISO/QS/ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality specialist courses for Indian companies. Most of the other leading OEMs such as Tata Motors, Maruti, Volvo Supplier Bases (Tier 1 & Tier2), have adopted Omnex services for quality improvement and systems implementations. “We are proud to say that Omnex was selected to associate with TATA Motors (Previously TELCO) for the Indica Supplier Development Program, as exclusive trainers in Quality systems for all Indica vendors. Omnex has also been associated with several companies within the Tata Group for various Quality tool implementations,” adds Kumar.

Today, Omnex’ Lean Six Sigma initiatives are respected all over the world. “We conduct training programs for companies and individuals, regardless of their industries. We have delivered more than 7500 in-house training programs to date,” says Kumar.

Omnex is one of very few consulting companies that can provide consulting and training with a company-as-a-whole systems approach, including Lean, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Improvement, Operational Excellence, TPM, Design Improvement, Supply Chain Solutions and more than 20 Management Systems. What’s more is that clients can utilize Omnex’ flagship software products for these implementations to realistically make it a true digital and cultural transformation. This will no doubt prepare companies to be ready for their future challenges. With more than 550 Omnex professionals working around the world, helping their clients to achieve better results, Omnex is the chosen quality and productivity consulting company for thousands of companies across the world.

Omnex has trained over 125,000 professionals in India and over 400,000 people worldwide on variety of business improvement methods. Omnex now operates in five cities in India - Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Vadodara.

Learning Six Sigma – The Omnex Way

Companies disillusioned with the traditional training based approaches, which can be costly, now focus on the development and implementation of systemic, project-based approaches to achieving sustained, state-of-the art operations excellence. Omnex is a pioneer in the project-based approach to integrated Lean Six Sigma. This approach has two major advantages: the investment in training is captured when the project is completed and the participants learn how to successfully manage a project while linking events and activities. “Our approach begins with an engagement that includes an on-site assessment and data gathering followed by a planning workshop with the client’s management team. The intent would be to have those responsible for leading and managing the continuous improvement strategy embrace Excellence and become sponsors. This process also allows them to be mentored by our senior management team,” opines Mr. Kymal.

To continue educating the automotive supply chain in methods for improving quality and reducing waste, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has teamed with Omnex to expand its course offerings and offer Lean and Six Sigma training in India. Using Lean and Six Sigma practices, the companies can realize many benefits including improvements to productivity and quality in addition to reductions in lead and cycle times. The courses are offered in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune and are taught by Omnex experts in Lean and Six Sigma. All AIAG-Omnex training is approved by AIAG and certification provided directly from the U.S.A.

“Whether the focus is on Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma, the project-based workshop approach will allow the learners to apply lessons learned immediately, so that the company can quickly achieve savings. This approach provides the ultimate value, cost savings and profitability. It’s not by chance that our clients have saved in excess of $2.5 Billion USD over the years with our implementations” states Kumar. Six Sigma Quality can best be understood through hands-on experience in the application of the theory and practices of Six Sigma to real-world quality improvement opportunities. All Omnex consultants in this program are certified Six Sigma Black Belts/Master Black Belts with also many years of experience in developing Lean Manufacturing programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Omnex, is innovating in its Lean Six Sigma program. In the coming years, the company will be developing simulation and E-Learning based Six Sigma learning modules, where learners can work in virtual factory settings, which will be available in the Omnex Training Centres across India. “Simulation based learning is an opportunity to get real-time experience in Six Sigma implementations. These will be a one of a kind training programs available to our customers,” says Mr. Kymal. Undoubtedly, Omnex is a perfect training partner for individuals who are looking for a career improvement through Six Sigma and for companies that are looking for process improvements to meet their customer expectations.

Chad Kymal, Founder and C.T.O.

Chad Kymal is an international trainer and consultant whose broad experience includes TQM, setup reduction, technology assessment and inventory analysis, statistical process control, and quality function deployment. After graduating from the General Motors Institute, Chad spent a number of years working at General Motors and KPMG before founding Omnex Inc. in 1986. In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Chad is instrumental in determining the strategic direction of the consulting and training organizations, as well as the product strategy for the software company - Omnex Systems.

Arun Kumar, Director and Vice President

Kumar has been with Omnex in various management positions for over 17 years. He has immense experience in business consulting and quality systems implementation/training for a range of industries including automotive, general manufacturing, telecom and service industries. He was primarily responsible for initiating Omnex' operations in India and other locations in Asia in the late 90s and has helped several organizations in their quest to continual improvement.

The Omnex Advantage

More than thirty thousand companies worldwide, from a wide range of industry sectors such as Automotive, Service, Logistics, Electronics, Software, and Telecommunication, have implemented the Omnex approach to quality and business systems, and reaped its benefits. Omnex typically conducts an initial assessment that culminates in an improvement plan for every implementation. Drastic reductions in customer complaints, internal and external rejections and many more are usual in any Omnex quality improvement project. Omnex is recognized worldwide as the undisputed leader in Quality Improvement consulting and implementations.

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