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Moving Haptics from the Hospitals to Empowering Women

Ammachi Labs grabbed the attention of Omnex through their innovative use of Haptics in vocational training focused on literate and semi-literate women in India. In the US Haptics has gained widespread attention for training surgeons to perform high risk expensive surgery. For example, it is used to train surgical interns how to do “high-risk procedures such as temporal bone drilling near the brain, where the slightest deviation can create widespread and permanent adverse consequences”. Ammachi Labs has used this innovative and high tech method to train women plumbers in India.

“Haptics is technology that is used to provide real life experience of touch and feel using computer simulations in learning situations. Haptics is defined as a technology that “recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.[1] This mechanical stimulation can be used to assist in the creation of virtual objects in a computer simulation, to control such virtual objects, and to enhance the remote control of machines and devices (telerobotics).

Omnex has entered into an agreement with Ammachi Labs located in Kerala, India (http://www2.amrita.edu/centers/ammachi/) to develop Haptics devices for technical training around the world for Omnex and Omnex customers. The use of Haptics has been confined to hospitals or the like due to the high cost of developing this training. Omnex believes this training can be used for any type of learning activity where scrap and or the expense of the practice in real tool or machine is cost prohibitive. Call Omnex to find out more information to enable your company to apply Haptics or computer based training.

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