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Daimler Chrysler Third Party Supplier Assessment Program

DaimlerChrysler Third Party Supplier Assessment Program

Omnex was selected to conduct the first operational assessment and improvement project under DaimlerChrysler's third party supplier development (3PSD) program. In addition to satisfying the OEM's concerns, the Tier-1 supplier reduced warranty costs from $1 million to $25,000 annually and eliminated the need for 3PVA, a $250,000 monthly savings. "Omnex consultants and management from both the supplier and DaimlerChrysler approached a difficult situation with the goal of creating a winning outcome for all involved," stated Bill Delmege, Omnex Director of Sales & Marketing. "This attitude not only shaped the goals of the pilot, it strengthened the relationship between the supplier and the OEM." Based in part on this early success, DaimlerChrysler has expanded the 3PSD program and Omnex has successfully contracted with numerous other DaimlerChrysler suppliers.

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