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Chad Kymal speaks at the Business Excellence Global Conference in Singapore

Nov 3, 2009

The Business Excellence Global Conference, held at the Shangri La Hotel, Singapore on November 3, 2009, was attended by more than 500 business leaders and professionals from South East Asia. The goal of this conference was to provide participants with an unique opportunity for a global perspective on best practices in Business Excellence. The Business Excellence standard in Singapore is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Award in the US and culminates in the granting of the Singapore Quality Award by the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Business Excellence Global ConferenceIn his presentation, Chad drew attention to the ways in which business excellence standards drive continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and can improve profits for companies during this current downturn. Overall, but especially in Asia, the recession is over for all intents and purposes. Companies need to improve the Operations and New Product Development processes while maintaining a drive for cost improvement using Lean and Six Sigma. The improvement and the maintenance of the business systems can focus on Integrated Management Systems and Risk Management. Chad gave a detailed explanation of the step-by-step implementation plan that companies should follow.

Later that same day, Chad Kymal led a panel discussion on Leveraging on the Business Excellence Model for Organizational Success. The other panellists who shared their experiences were:

Mr Tom Schamberger, Executive Director, The Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, USA

Mr. Lars Aagard, Group Executive Vice President of Grundfoss, Denmark

Mr. NK Sharan, General Manager- Tata Quality Management Systems, India

These sessions were well attended and participants walked away with sound strategies to implement in their own business excellence implementations.

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