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Business Operating System Software (BOSS)

BOSS, Business Operating Systems, is a new software product that will enable a company to apply a logical order to the interesting bits of data that float around within a business every day. Often, this data is chaotic and lacks logic, which can mean problems for a company that overlooks it as a source of relevant information. Some of this data clues a company in as to exactly what will help them make a decision or explain any problems the business is experiencing. When this data is overlooked, it can't be utilized to formulate solutions and thus, maximize a company's potential.

"Gut Feel vs. Root Cause"

What many companies do instead is use whatever information they have along with the old "gut feel" approach. This might not be such a bad approach at times because many experienced managers and associates have "been here, seen that, and done it" before. Their application of a solution will likely be right many times. However, the next time a recurring problem arises, managers will likely follow the same old approach may not be the right one this time. This all happens with only a "sense" of what the actual problem is and what the cause might be. BOSS overcomes this problem. It allows a review of affiliated processes and dives down to lower levels until the real source of the problem is determined. Then, it provides for documentation of the problem so that it can be reviewed, actions assigned, root cause determined, and solutions put into place to prevent problem recurrence.

How it Works

BOSS takes the worry out of data management for managers by reviewing and implementing solutions for profit and loss, production numbers and other business measurable, as well as the process metrics that support QOS efforts. It ensures the measurement of key variables that define important processes in your business and QOS result measurements are all where they should be.

BOSS is capable of storing data gathered automatically from a variety of sources. The data is stored in such a way that companies can map trends and make comparisons which illustrates problems or inconsistencies. These problems are highlighted in a "drill down" process.

The structure of the data and its arrangement during viewing demonstrates where potentially negative trends are developing and pinpoints the place where the solution needs to be applied.

Visual Data Analysis

What makes BOSS so proactive is that it not only stores data, but also uses algorithms that allow the display screens to alert when a trend is either out of control or about to get to that point. These display screens allow BOSS to operate in an Exception Alert mode where the system needs to be reviewed only when something is wrong. Red, Green, or Yellow display screen icons denote the state of the data in BOSS. A Green icon means the algorithms haven't discovered any problems. If the icon is Yellow, the trend of the data is approaching a problem level and deserves review. A Red icon indicates the need for action.

Upon discovering a Red or Yellow icon on the display, the user merely double clicks the point of interest on the chart being displayed to bring up the next level of review. Chart types may be chosen based on the best display of data and include line, bar, Pareto, and others.

QOS and ISO 9001:2008

To resolve the problem and ensure that it doesn't return, BOSS brings up root cause documentation and an action item summary for input by the user. This documentation not only gives the capability to review and approve corrective actions, but also serves as a source for documentation of problem reaction on your QOS system audits. In addition to BOSS being a great tool for QOS documentation, it's importance will increase further with the advent of ISO 9001:2008. BOSS will become a vital tool to show evidence of management review, development of quality objectives, corrective and preventive actions, and-most importantly for ISO 9001:2008-the measurement, analysis and improvement of processes.

Soon to be Launched

The BOSS system is currently in development this year with a proposed launch date in the 4th quarter of 1999. Omnex Systems will have demo versions available before the launch date and will likely be posting them on the web site. Omnex Systems is excited about their new product. "We think BOSS will prove to be an exciting tool for manufacturing and service industries and will have great success in the marketplace because of the strong desire in industry for an affordable solutions-oriented product". Suggestions about BOSS can be directed to Omnex Systems in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The importance of what BOSS accomplishes for an organization is best summed up by Bill Gates of Microsoft who coined the phrase, "Business at the speed of thought." The successful companies of the next decade will be those that use digital tools to invent the way they work. These companies will make decisions quickly, act efficiently, and directly touch their customers in positive ways. This is the BOSS goal for your company.


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