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Supplier Management Using the Newly-released CQI-19

The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) in Southfield, Michigan recently released a new guideline for Sub-tier Supplier Management, CQI-19, as a result of concerns raised by automakers and their suppliers. It was reported that there are not enough competent resources being applied to supply chain quality so CQI-19 was developed to provide a common process for supplier management to try to leverage scarce supplier quality resources. CQI-19 contains the latest thinking on the subject from major automotive suppliers and some of their customers based on industry “best practices.” The importance of CQI-19 is that the customer specific requirements of GM, Ford and Chrysler require suppliers to follow CQI-19.

Dan Reid, Omnex’s Director of Consulting, was the AIAG Project Manager for CQI-19 and says “the AIAG’s APQP process does not explicitly address supplier involvement. It provides a template for supplier new product development aligned to customer program milestones, but CQI-19 provides the supplier management guidelines that are missing from APQP. CQI-19 also addresses the production phase of supplier management.”

CQI-19 addresses supplier management in four phases:

  • Pre-selection, or Qualification
  • Selection
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) / Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Performance Monitoring, Development and/or Escalation

It also incorporates:

  • A “risk-based” supplier management approach which will be a new general requirement in the ISO 9001 revision targeted for 2015;
  • Materials Management Operations Guideline-Logistics Evaluation (MMOG-LE) developed by Chrysler, Ford and GM as a logistics companion to ISO/TS 16949 for quality management;
  • Capacity Verification including shared capacity, and;
  • AIAG’s Effective Problem Solving process for practitioners.

Omnex offers a two-day workshop on the AIAG CQI-19 to explain the process and requirements in detail. This workshop consists of lecture and breakout exercises. CQI-19 also provides an effective way to address the ISO/TS 16949 requirements for supplier development and should be widely used by manufacturing companies in the automotive supply chain to implement a “best practice” and risk-based supplier management approach. See Omnex.com for information about this workshop.

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