Automotive (ISO/TS16949; Automotive/Production Core Tools)
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ISO/TS 16949:2009 Series

Automotive (IATF 16949; Automotive/Production Core Tools)

Omnex has worked with most of the major Automotive and Truck OEMS and Tier Ones worldwide. In fact, Omnex has been at the forefront of developing and deploying all major Automotive OEM initiatives, starting with QOS for the Ford Motor Company in the early 90s. When Ford wanted to move QOS from a Cost of Quality-based measurable-driven process to a strategically-driven Customer-Focused process, Omnex assisted them in developing the QOS methodology and the QOS assessment tool for use by Ford and Ford Suppliers.

Subsequently, Omnex helped write QS-9000 and Omnex principals performed the first QS-9000 witness audit worldwide. Omnex collaborated with the Automotive Electronic Council in rewriting the Semiconductor Supplement to QS-9000 as an ISO/TS 16949-based standard. Omnex developed and provided the Second Party Auditing Course for AIAG to Truck OEMs and Automotive Suppliers. Omnex principals are members of the AIAG writing committees of the SPC, FMEA and MSA Reference Manuals. Omnex is also an innovator of Lean and Six Sigma by integrating Lean into the Six Sigma methodology. Omnex is the provider of Lean and Six Sigma worldwide for the Automotive Industry as the AIAG Provider of Choice. Click here for more information on Lean and Six Sigma.

It is not hubris that we sometimes call ourselves Inventors of Automotive Quality. We have had a long association with many OEMs worldwide; from Hyundai in Chennai to DFM in China to Ford, GM, Mack, and Magna in the USA. For example, Visteon and Chrysler asked Omnex to conduct Operational Audits with Action Plans to improve their poorly performing suppliers. At the time, this was known as the 3PSD process by Chrysler. For Ford Motor Company, we have served the role of keeper of the Q1 Knowledge for Service Organizations, conducting training for Quality and Purchasing every few years. We are also proud of the role we have played with their global supply bases starting from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Thailand, India, and Vietnam.

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Training and Workshops

This is a period of unprecedented change in the Automotive industry because there has been a large turn over in personnel from 2009 with a large influx of new people in 2010 and 2011 when the Automotive Industry and the economy picked up. All these new employees need to be trained. Automotive Companies are also focusing on their supply chains as new suppliers and supply chains are getting stretched.

ISO 26262 a functional safety standard is the latest change in the in the Automotive Industry. If you have not heard about it, it is time you did.

Omnex provides management consulting that elevate the performance of client organizations

In fact, here are the Key Changes Omnex is seeing in the Automotive Industry as current trends:

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IATF 16949:2016

ISO/TS 16949:2009 and Customer-Specific Requirements


Functional Safety Requirements (ISO 26262)

Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is the integration of QMS, EMS, OHSAS and other regulations / standards and requirements into a single management system. IMS fosters the approach that an organization should establish one integrated system that is best for the business and not set up separate, often duplicate, processes or documentation to satisfy each management standard. IMS contains company-wide processes that conform to various management system standards such as AS9100, IATF 16949, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 but are primarily established in support of the business goals.

At Omnex, integration means developing common organizational processes based on standardized work flows, conducting integrated risk analysis (using FMEAs and Control Plans for quality, environmental and health and safety risks) and conducting integrated audits. At Omnex, we are continuing to pioneer ever more effective and efficient ways of defining, implementing and auditing integrated management systems.

Integration and standardization not only reduce confusion and redundancy in the workplace, but cost an estimated 50% less to implement and most importantly cost 50% less to maintain. Furthermore, the cost for registration is reduced by as much as 33%.

Omnex has been implementing integrated management systems since the 1990s, beginning with the integration of QS-9000 and ISO 14001 in the Americas for Yazaki. Since then, we have integrated ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for organizations around the world including General Motors and TRW. Lately, we have integrated ISO 9001 and Food Safety Management Systems including an implementation where Food Safety, Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001), and Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) were integrated into one management system. Omnex recently helped Swiss Colony a 100 year-old Food Catalog and Bakery implement FSMS and QMS standards in a record six months that included QOS/BOS and Phase Gate New Product Development methodologies and 8D Problem Solving techniques.

Omnex provides training for top management in the understanding and integration of multiple integrated management systems, as well as the worlds only lead auditor course in Integrated Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).

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Omnex Methodologies and Practices

Omnex offers training for each of the different methodologies as shown in this link. Keep in mind, some of these methodologies may be known by different names within the industry.

Omnex specializes in the following methodologies:

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"The Omnex training material was comprehensive and easy to understand. It has provided me with the needed knowledge to help make my company a successful operation." - David Carney more...

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