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Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Location: Courtyard Marriott Date: July 9th & 10th Trainer: Praburam Seshadri
Register: register@omnex.in

Seminar Content

This three-day hands-on seminar is intended to offer insight into DFM/DFA.

Who Should Attend

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Design Engineers
  • AQP Team Members

Recommended Training and/or Experience

Participants should possess a working knowledge of quality systems and methodologies.

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual and a workbook including all team breakout exercises.

Seminar Goals

  • Provide insight on the influence of Design for Manufacturing & Assembly on quality, performance and cost.
  • Understand the differences and similarities between Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly.
  • Describe basic design guidelines for Design for Assembly.
  • Conduct quantitative analysis of a Design’s efficiency.
  • Describe basic design guidelines for Design for Manufacturing.
  • Apply Design for Manufacturing & Assembly in product design.

Seminar Outline

  • Introduction to DFMA
    • Why do DFMA?
    • DFMA Advantages
    • DFM vs. DFA Differences / Similarities
    • DFMA in the New Product Development Process
  • DFMA General Design Principles
    • General Design Rules
    • Benefits of Design Rule Checklists
    • Breakout Exercise 1: Design Rules Checklists
  • Methods for Evaluating the Design for Assembly
    • Boothroyd-Dewhurst Analysis Method
    • DFA Analysis Worksheet
    • Breakout Exercise 2: Simplify the Design
  • Design for Assembly Rules
    • DFA Principles
    • Breakout Exercise 3: Precedence Diagram
    • Breakout Exercise 4: Simplify the Design
  • Optimizing Design for Assembly Method
    • Hitachi Assembly Evaluation Method
    • Lucas DFA Method
    • Boothroyd-Dewhurst DFA Method
    • Design Rules for Manual Assembly
    • Breakout Exercise 5: Simplify the Design
    • Design Rules for Hard Automation Assembly
    • Design Rules for Robotic Assembly
    • Making the Assembly Decision
    • Breakout Exercise 6: Choose Assembly Method
  • Optimizing the Design for Production Readiness
    • Design for Manufacturing Guidelines
    • Manufacturing Processes
    • Design Guidelines for Parts Manufactured from Injection Molding Equipment
    • Design Guidelines for Parts Manufactured from Rational Molding Equipment
    • Design Guidelines for Parts Manufactured from Sheet-Metal Forming
    • Design Guidelines for Parts Manufactured from Casting Equipment
    • Design Guidelines for Parts Manufactured from Machining
    • Additional Design Consideration
    • Breakout Exercise 7: Choose the Correct Manufacturing Process
  • Putting It All Together
    • Final Exercise: Putting It All Together


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