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Functional Safety for Systems Engineers

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Seminar Content

This three-day course will give the participant the information necessary to implement the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Management System standard as a Functional Safety Systems Engineer. This standard is an adaptation of the Functional Safety standard IEC 61508 for the specifics of automotive electric/electronic systems. It is to be applied to Safety Related Systems that include electric/electronic systems that are installed in production passenger vehicles.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for System Architects, Integration Project Managers, E/E & SW Project Managers, Functional Developers, Vehicle Verification Engineers, Systems Engineers, Project Management and Functional Safety Engineers.

Recommended Training and/or Experience

Attendees should have a working knowledge of their organization’s New Product Development Process.

Seminar Materials

Each participant will receive a seminar manual including case studies.

Seminar Goals

  • Identify product development at the system level  
  • Describe the flow of safety requirements
  • Implement the development of the technical safety requirements, including necessary safety mechanisms
  • Describe requirements decomposition with respect to ASIL tailoring
  • Understand safety tactics
  • Implement ASIL-oriented table recommendations
  • Understand the impact of hardware and software development on safety
  • Describe hardware and software safety metrics
  • Implement safety validation and functional safety assessments
  • Understand release for production

Seminar Outline

  • Introduction and Overview to ISO 26262
  • Management of Functional Safety (Part 2)
    • Breakout Exercise: Safety Case
  • ISO 26262 Part 7 – Production and Operation
  • ISO 26262 Part 8 – Supporting Processes
    • Distributed Development
    • Specification and Management of Safety Requirements
  • Safety Element Out of Context
  • ISO 26262 Part 3 – Concept Phase
    • Breakout Exercise: Item Definition
    • Initiation of the Safety Lifecycle
    • Breakout Exercise: HARA and Safety Goals
    • Safety Requirements
    • Breakout Exercise: Functional Safety Requirements
  • ISO 26262 Part 9 – ASIL and Safety Oriented Analysis
    • ASIL Decomposition Case Study
    • Safety Analyses in ISO 26262
  • ISO 26262 Part 8 – Supporting Processes (cont’d)
    • Qualification of Software Tools
    • Qualification of Software Components
    • Qualification of Hardware Components
    • Proven Use in Argumentation
  • ISO 26262 Part 4 – System Level Development
    • Initiation of Product Development at the System Level
      • Technical Safety Concept
      • Requirements Decomposition with Respect to ASIL Tailoring
      • Safety Tactics
      • System Design
  • ISO 26262 Parts 5 and 6 – Overview of Hardware/Software Level Development
    • HS/SW Teamwork
    • Summary Overview of Safety Metrics
    • Overview Software Level Development (Part 6)
    • HS/SW Design
      • System Design
  • ISO 26262 Part 4 – System Level Development (cont’d)
    • Item Integration and Testing
    • System Integration and Testing
    • Vehicle Level Integration
    • Safety Validation and Functional Safety Assessment
    • Release to Production


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