Case Study for International Semiconductor Company
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International Semiconductor Company

Case Study for International Semiconductor Company

Company Profile

Large semiconductor company with operations in four continents and offering 3,000 products. Net revenues over $8 billion, operating in the following industries: Communications, Consumer, Computer, Automotive and Industrial.

The Proposal

Establish a new standard approach of DMAIC across functions and sites. Train team leaders, run a dozen projects in the first year, and continue with more in coming years.

Results 1 Year Later

  • 4 waves 30 Team Leaders trained (+20 Champions)
  • 11 projects Completed (>10m$)
  • 15 projects in process
  • Total expected savings 36m$
  • Training cost contained below 4K$ target per Team leader
  • High Training ratings by customer
  • Plans to continue project until 50 Team Leaders are training with 750 projects
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