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Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) including Social Responsibility (ISO 26000)

Omnex’s approach to EMS (ISO 14001) including Sustainability, Carbon Footprint Reduction and Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) involves integrating EMS and QMS along with the social responsibility standard as shown in Figure 8 [excerpted from a presentation given by Chad Kymal at the Pathways to Social Responsibility Conference, 2011. Omnex encourages organizations to build sustainability, reduced carbon footprints, and social responsibility (ISO 26000) into their existing QMS and EMS systems.

The approach to integration as discussed in 3.0 Integrated Management Systems includes integrated Risk Management and uses the same methodology to integrate EMS, OHSAS and Social Responsibility. Keep in mind that Social Responsibility “has the organization as the focus and concerns the responsibilities of the organization to society and the environment” and also therefore includes “sustainability” and carbon footprints.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are the basic building blocks used to integrate sustainability, carbon footprint reduction or social responsibility into the organization. See Figure 9 for an integrated risk assessment of multiple factors including social responsibility, energy efficiency, carbon footprint or water usage. This risk assessment can be integrated with the “aspects and impacts” risk assessment conducted in ISO 14001.

For more on just integrating EMS and QMS, see the article titled Juggling Multiple Standards – Save Time and Money by Integrating your Various Management systems available in the Omnex Resource Center.


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