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Disciplined Problem Solving

 Disciplined Problem Solving

Disciplined Problem Solving Disciplined Problem Solving is a step-by-step method to go from “identifying a problem” to “effective corrective and preventive actions” to ensure a problem is resolved and does not repeat. Disciplined Problem Solving is one of the core methodologies along with Process Review and Six Sigma used by Omnex to achieve single digit PPMs in organizations.

Disciplined Problem Solving at Omnex involves the use of a disciplined 8-step process (also known as an 8D, see Figure 12) that includes: Defining a Problem; Taking Containment Action; Identifying System, Escape, and Occurrence Root Causes; Implementing Corrective Action; and Taking System-wide Preventive Actions. Integrated into this process are a number of tools including Cause and Effect Diagrams, Brainstorming, 5 Whys, Is/Is Not, and the Seven Quality Tools for Problem Solving.

The problem solving culture needs to cascade throughout the organization starting with top management, down to middle management, and finally out to all activities in the organization. Creating trained facilitators helps ingrain this competency into the organization.

It is important to have one problem solving method so that the organization thinks along the same lines of both the problem and its solution. Top management, middle management and the process owners need to understand and follow the same process in order for an organization to be able to close and solve problems, and prevent their recurrence.


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