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Business Excellence

Business Excellence (BE) means going beyond the management system standards (e.g., QMS, EMS, and OHSMS) to improve the effectiveness of the overall business infrastructure. If the standards are practiced by middle management, Business Excellence is practiced by top management. BE is a yearly internal assessment process by top management comparing their business processes against world class benchmarks from the best organizations in the world. Gregory Gruska, Senior Consultant with Omnex, when providing a keynote speech at the 9th World Congress for Total Quality Management, had this to say about the Omnex Business Excellence model – “The Integrated Performance Management model is a systematic approach to performance management focusing on six fundamental management initiatives. This approach has transformed an enterprise from a ‘good company’ into a world-class organization that deploys and uses ‘best in class’ processes to achieve industry-leading results. … Such organizations will be able to achieve measurable improvements in revenue, quality, and costs at various milestones throughout the journey.” Omnex specializes in documenting processes using cross-functional teams in a two-day documentation workshop on Process Flows. Most organizations have too much documentation and could benefit from “Lean Documentation”.

Omnex implements and benchmarks the organization against a model broken into six sections. The overall six sections and the leadership sections are shown in Figure 17 – Business Excellence Model and Figure 18 – Section 1.0 – Management Systems (one of the six sections of BE model).


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